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Speakers 2014

  • Kashibadze Oleg Sobolev
    Chairman of the Board
    Wireless Ukraine Association
  • Zerey Galip Zerey
    Vice Chairman of the Board
    Information and Communication Technologies Authority of Turkey
  • Esengeldiev Ludmila Naumova
    Senior Regional Director
    Data & Mobility Services, Russia and Central Asia, SES
  • Parfentiev Ermek Nyazov
    Vice-Presedent, Commercial director
  • Khairushev Asylbek Khairushev
    President of the National Telecommunications Association (NTA) of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Zaur Hassanov Zaur Hassanov
    Trans-Eurasian Information Super Highway (TASIM)
  • Omarov Alex Kislitsyn
    Infrastructural Projects Executive Director
    KazTransCom, JSC
  • Konstantin Novikov
    Head of CIS Sales division
    Company ТТК
  • Timur Hajdarov
    Executive director
    Saturn On-line Tajikistan
  • Chenard Stéphane Chenard
    Executive Advisor for international programme development

Caspian Telecoms 2014

13th International Telecommunications and IT Conference & Showcase for the Caspian, Black Sea and CIS Regions

Caspian Telecoms

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Caspian Telecoms is an important event for the telecommunications industries of Russia, Turkey, the CIS, and the countries of the Caspian, the Black Sea and Central Asian regions.

The conference brings together communications ministers and state and private telecommunications companies together to discuss modernisation, privatisation, and issues of investment and licensing in telecoms organisations, as well as legal and financial problems in the telecommunications and IT sectors.


Main discussion topics at Caspian Telecoms 2014

  • Current situation and development prospects of the telecommunications industry in the Caspian Region, Turkey and the CIS: international cooperation, integration processes, investment appeal
  • The communications services market: fixed-line and mobile communications, the latest development trends
  • Important trends in information and communication Technologies
  • M2M, 4G, 5G, Big data, Bundle package services, Cyber security, IPTV
  • The fixed-line telecommunications market. The development of IP-transit services in the CIS and Caspian regions markets SESSION 4
  • Broadband access as a service and an infrastructure for new services
  • The FSS and MSS telecommunications market: increased competition and new growth opportunities
  • The development of unified approaches to the provision of transit capacities at the Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications
  • Hosted by:rcc
  • The introduction of new telecommunications services at the Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications
  • Information security in interacting communication networks at the Council of Telecommunication Operators at the Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications (Only for RCC members )