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Dear Caspian Telecoms Participants,

First of all, we thank you for your participation and continued support for Caspian Telecoms Conference.

Caspian Telecoms Conference and Showcase held over the last 13 years has become today a well established and well known, prestigious and well-respected event in the sphere of communications and IT for Turkey, Caspian Region, Central Asia, CIS and Black Sea Region.

This Annual Telecoms Summit in Istanbul brings together VIPs, Governments, Telecoms Ministries and Telecom National Operators, world reputated International Organisations in telecoms sector and private sector companies. For 13 years, the event presented many opportunities for the participants of the Conference to search and look for investment opportunities in specific sectors of the industry and also helped the development of the industry in the region, in general.

At present we are working on new developments for future event to further assist our delegates in their networking at Caspian Telecoms, thus increasing the effectiveness of their time and participation.

We also welcome all your ideas and feedbacks to make Caspian Telecoms more productive and successful. Thank you.

We hope to continue our co-operation further and seeing, welcoming you back at the next  Caspian Telecoms Conference and Showcase.